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Our Story

To find the root of the Pickstones brand you need to travel back over 100 years, to the start of the 20th century.  Edwin Pickstone, a dashing young soldier, was serving in The 3rd (King's Own) Hussars, at the time still a mounted cavalry regiment.


He was renowned as a phenomenal horseman, with the horses he had trained being the first choice of the officers in the regiment and after his military career ended, he was invited by his commanding officer to become the manager of his polo team.  

His horsemanship was to save his life during the First World War when he and a follow solider were sent out on reconnaissance mission.  This was one of the most dangerous tasks in the cavalry and they rode out in search of the German enemy lines.  Unfortunately they were spotted and were fleeing for their lives with a number of German cavalry in hot pursuit.  Edwin spotted an escape route over a very high kitchen garden wall and he and his horse cleared it and escaped from the Germans who were unable to follow on their horses.  He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal as a result of his actions that day.  

Edwin Pickstone

Like all true horseman, Edwin knew the importance of the meticulous care of both his horse and his equipment.  In the theatre of war, a broken saddle or bridle could mean the difference between life and death, so the careful inspection, cleaning and restoring of leather care was paramount.  

Over a hundred years later, his grand daughter & great grand daughter carry on the family passion for horses and hence the requirement for the very best in leathercare to look after their equipment.  With family and friends continuously asking for their own supply of the Pickstones Leather Balm, it was decided to make it available commercially to share this fantastic product with the world.

Much has changed over the last 100 years but leather is still chosen as the material of choice when you need strength, durability, performance and beauty across a huge range of items from shoes to saddles.  The very best leather is still tanned using traditional methods in the heartland of England and Pickstones Leather remedies combines a traditional recipe, modern science and cosmetic grade ingredients to produce the best possible care solution for your leather. 

Proudly manufactured in Great Britain, to the secret family recipe, we invite you to try out Pickstones Leather Remedies and see why they have stood the test of time.