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Motor Sports Leather Care For Cars

Classic or modern leather is a defining luxury choice in the car interior specification. It gives not only years of enduring wear, affording comfort, but its own distinctive styling and aroma of a very special vehicle. When you consider the actual life span of say leather upholstery in a vehicle it is an amazing good value buy: and only needs minimal care and cleaning when compared to horrible sticky vinyl coverings that split and tear or so called hard wearing fabric that as we all know wears pretty quickly, needs hoovering, steaming or scrubbing every now and then to remain in an OK state. It has become synonymous with high end motors but this is also because they are expected to last and is borne out by the number of originals that are still out there- the old adage “they are rich because they are careful with their money” – holds true! Whatever sort of car you have – as will see these can be highly diverse- if it has leather in it, take care of it with the centuries old recipe of Pickstones to keep it performing in the style to which it was created.

A True Fun Vehicle Now Our Farm Vehicle

Help! It is due to go in for the annual MOT  it needs mucking out ! This is the disgusting steering wheel  after heavy work in and about the fields and general pet and haylage carrier

The steering wheel needs a bit of attention

Get some Pickstones Leather Wash & kitchen roll

Then if real grimy a gentle wash & scour pad

Finally apply Pickstones Leather Balm  some dirt from the rubbed leather areas will still be removed by this but most importantly it will then dry to a permeable breathable resistant surface. Where the total coloured surface of the leather has been rubbed away by the years of use this is even more important that it is protected.

The little frog is smiling again and yes it is going to do another years work!

Next the Porsche........ 

To follow the Range Rover and The Great Wall........