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Protect Your Leather Furniture Forever

Furniture & Antiques

I have put these two groups together because todays modern  leather furniture should  go on to be the antiques of tomorrow. Yes they really should last that long! They make a brilliant buying choice simply because of the leather’s inherent strength and resistance to wear & dirt making them also an easy care item - that is all except, and a big exception, analine leather items - not that many mere mortals have general household items made from such leathers.  

Analine leather is a style of leather that has processed through completed tanning so is soft and durable but then is dyed soaking through from the back to the front as is the normal process for first dye – but that is it. It therefore has the beauty of natural variation due to the hides  origination but no heavy colouring or finishes are used and therefore any future spillages of drink, food or dirt can equally colour or stain the hide (think curry!).  As I claim, not for mere mortals (and not many will make it through to the ‘antique’ stage).

For the rest of more usual leather furniture /antiques the worst that can occur is cuts or deep scratches - it used to be toddler’s shoes with buckles but more and more today it is cat scratches. Unless the cat/scratch is so deep it affects the mechanism of the leather, (ie destroys right through when only stitching together or glue will repair) basically these will look better when treated with Pickstones Leather Balm but nothing can un-scratch a broken surface. The finishing wax element will help bond the scratched and roughened fibres together making them less noticeable. I reckon it is a good job that Shabby Chic is as fashionable as the immaculate home! So basically you can relax, your leather furniture and antiques are part of who you are and your life style – so enjoy it!

Contemporary leather furniture will need hardly any thing to beautify it for years but if at some point does show some wear or dryness or patchiness in hue then a swift sparing rub over with Pickstones Leather balm will restore and protect.

Beware  “Bonded leather” often termed in the furniture industry is not leather at all but imitation PVC or similar with the small incorporation of dust and scrapings from the leather processing– it is given the word leather in its title to allow the ambience of sitting amongst real leather but obviously at a much cheaper price A bit untruthful  yes but I have no angst at all myself against look a likes per se , as myself a vegetarian, this is a totally acceptable alternative  as long as you do know what you are getting. Pickstones Leather Balm will still give protective finish and sheen to such imitation materials but that is all it can do for “bonded leather” .

There are many antique items made from or incorporating real leather such as shooting sticks, Hat Boxes, chests, bureaus, writing slopes, sculptures, bottle holders, flasks, step inlays, handles, floors and wallcoverings. Air balloons, motor sports, yachts and sports are covered in a whole other section

Wherever there is leather - Pickstones Leather Balm is the safest kindest restoration and rejuvenation for continued longevity.

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