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How To Naturally Clean A Leather Sofa

First of all try and find out what sort of leather it is- check out our page on types of leather because basically if it is analine or suede you don't want to touch it  ( you have to live with it , dye it or buy a new one). The good news is that these are very unusual and at least 99% are of the other variety which you can clean. Look at the section re bonded leather as basically this is not true leather but a minimal application will certainly do it no harm and make it look smarter.

We emphasise natural because leather is a natural centuries old product and not only is there nothing in this recipe to harm the leather it is guaranteed to have helped it as only a balm should. Not only will it not harm your sofa but it will not harm your family or your pets all ingredients have already passed the stringent cosmetic grade standards. (Follow my blog post to see what other benefits can follow ) Look up the history of Pickstones and you will see that it was made before all these new testing standards but against a far tougher one - that of providing premium care in the toughest of environments.

So ....the genuine leather centre piece  looks a bit tired as one of the most worked pieces of furniture in the house. First of all give it a very thorough hoovering all over and under the cushions, using the tools to get right down between the seat and the frame at the sides and back of the seating area.This will clear all the tiny and not so tiny bits of dust and dirt that  a) can scratch the surface and b) if washed in by spillage or over zealous cleaning will clog and danage the micro fibre structure of the leather over the years as more wear is applied.

Using a thin sponge wet the sponge with the Pickstones Leather Wash and wipe down all over applying more where you can see that there has been previous spillages, or sticky areas. For deep buttoned chesterfields use the type of brush used in chalk painting , round pastry or make up brush to thorougly clean.

When touch dry ( this should only be 5 minutes ) liberally apply one coat of the Pickstones Leather Balm to every leather surface with sponge or lint free cloth, again using the brushes mentioned above for any deep buttoned areas or intricate folding or studded areas.

If thirsty there will be no waxy surface coat and apply more to these areas until a thin application is left sitting on the surface. Leave to dy for 10 mins and finally run a soft lint free polishing cloth all over.. Your favourite piece of home furniture not only looks and feels better but is protected for another year's family use what ever the century.